PureCloud Analytics


A Customer in Need…………


During the recent implementation of a multi-site APAC deployment of PureCloud, UCA found PureCloud Out-of-the-Box reporting insufficient for the needs of our customer. In view of ININ/Genesys’ strategic decision to make advanced metrics available via an open API, we went in search of a product that leveraged its dormant capability. That search ended with the identification of eMite being the first company to successfully adapt their mature Analytics product to Genesys PureCloud. This marked the beginning of our relationship with eMite.

Today, UCA is a trusted development and training partner of eMite and have worked with them to deliver positive business outcomes to our customers globally. Our experience has shown, that Out-of-the-Box, eMite will close the gap on at least 95% of PureCloud dashboard reporting needs. Upon completing our eMite personalized training sessions, many customers then close the remaining 5% themselves.

Customers with more complex needs, lack of resource or simply wish to integrate additional data sources may engage UCA directly or via eMite.

Reasons for customization can include:


  • Adherence to Corporate branding
  • Outbound Campaign Management
  • Call Detail reporting
  • Blended dashboards with additional data sources
  • Ease transition from legacy products providing similar terms, look and feel
  • We provide an Avaya transition package for Avaya customers transitioning to Genesys PureCloud


Example Dashboards