eMite Dashboard Training

eMite Training Sessions

eMite’s Dashboard Application is designed with their clients in mind. For that reason, it’s our mission to ensure users are equipped with the tools and resources they need, to optimize the use of eMite. We accomplish this through specialised eMite Training Sessions, tech notes, newsletters and web based videos.


  • Includes Web-based, hands-on, software-specific training for eMite
  • Covers multiple features and functions
  • Use it as a platform for users to ask questions, solve problems and learn how to use eMite software to best suit their needs
  • Ideal for newer users and those looking for further in-depth and guided instruction
  • Design and implementation concepts
  • Complex Calculations, and reference queries

As part of the installation eMite and UCA have come together to create a two session, 4 hr training course to get you started. The agendas of the two sessions are

Training Session 1

  • Pure Cloud / eMite Relationship explained
    • PureCloud API
    • eMite Adaptors
    • Cubes
    • Reports
    • eMite Dashboards
  • Dimensions vs Measures vs KPI’s
  • eMite page Layout – Overview
  • OOTB Dashboards – Overview and Demonstration
  • How to create users
  • How to share dashboards with users
  • Wiki https://wiki.emite.com/wiki/PureCloud
  • YouTube Training Channel
  • eMite Gold Release Dashboard Description Document
  • Cubes (Indexes)
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Data Blocks & Options
  • Cube Report
  • Status Block
  • Drill-through
  • Web Frame
  • Period/Date Picker
  • Cube Filter
  • Text Editor
  • Image
  • Dimension Filter
  • Group Data Block
  • Marquee Group Data Block

Training Session 2

  • Recap of Training Session 1 if needed
  • Overview of experience by Students and review questions
  • KPI Editor
  • Cubes & KPI Selection
  • Templates & Settings
  • Reports
  • Sample Advanced MDX
  • Bucket Definitions
  • Calculated Measures – Basic
  • Calculated Measures – Conditional
  • RTBI – Dimensions
  • RTBI – Measures

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eMite Training Sessions


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